Strategic Review

As your business grows or changes direction, taking a fresh look at your Health and Safety Arrangements is vital.

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd can assist by working with you to take a high level view of the business, looking at how your Health and Safety Management System can best fit your changing organisation.

A full report with recommendations will be presented that covers all of the key components that will ensure your business has a successful management system making sure an excellent culture is seen throughout the levels of leaderships and employees.

Policies and Procedures

Having appropriate policies that are written for your company that work for your company is vital. Safe sure solutions Ltd develop health and safety policies that are relevant and proportionate to your company.

We will ensure you have robust producers to ensure all relevant legislation, Approved Codes and relevant guidance are adequately interpreted so they can be easily communicated to your employees.

We can also assist with a review of your current policies and procedures to ensure they meet with current legislation and guidance, ensuring your company is fully compliant.

Where appropriate we can also develop specific solutions to more complex activities such as electrical safety, control of contractors or Asbestos.

Risk Assessment

One of our specialist consultants will identify the range of hazards associated with your activities, and either advise on, or complete a risk assessment based on your current management arrangements and hazards.

All of the control measures identified will be proportionate and achievable, we always ensure that efficient and cost effective measures are developed for the risks identified. We will work with you to ensure employee inclusion, and support you in the communication of the completed assessments to your workforce.

Where appropriate, and if required, specific risk assessments can be undertaken for individual hazards or activities. These can include - Hazardous Substances (COSHH), Lone Working, Manual Handling, Young Persons, Maternity, Workstation and DSE or any other work activity requested.

Competent Person

Health and Safety Legislation requires every employer to appoint one or more competent persons to assist him in undertaking the measures they need to comply with the requirements imposed upon him under UK health and safety legislation.

Safe sure Solutions Ltd has developed a number of packages that suit your size and type of business, meaning we can be there when you need us.

This cost effective way of complying with the Management of Health and Safety Regulations gives you the support when you need it, without the expense of employing full time staff.

Fire Risk Assessment

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and The Fire Safety (Scotland) Regulations require all non-domestic premises to hold a current Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) which is regularly reviewed.

We provide a range of comprehensive fire risk assessment services and solutions, for both single and multi-site organisations, that do not have suitably qualified, trained or experienced fire safety personnel within their workplaces.

Fire risk assessments carried out correctly can help identify all possible risks of fire, and identify methods that can be put in place to prevent these risks.

CHAS - Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme

Many clients are now operating Approved Contractors lists to ensure you as the contractors are meeting your legislative requirements.

CHAS is a scheme accepted by many companies as acceptance that you have demonstrated a level of health and safety competence and compliance.

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd can support you through your application, and where necessary, support you with the development of any policies, and or, procedures you need to meet the requirements of the assessment.

Audits / Gap Analysis

Safe Sure Solutions can work with your company to understand your current position on health and safety compliance. Auditing is a process for checking that, what you think is in place, actually is in place, and of course is being implemented.

We offer a number of auditing methods to check your company management arrangements as well as undertaking physical inspections. We provide in-depth feedback of our findings with prioritised Action Plans. The plan will make recommendations and allocate priorities that will help your organisation meet its legal requirements.

Any audit will be tailored to your needs, it can cover a wide variety of health and safety disciplines including, accessibility, asbestos, environment, fire, food hygiene, hazardous substances, statutory inspections and any other topic you require.

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd can also undertake a Gap Analysis. This can be undertaken across an organisation or at a particular location. The process will review both your management system and identify any safety critical problems with your physical systems / equipment.

Accident and Incident Investigation

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd can provide consultants with health and safety enforcement experience.

Any investigation we carry out is thorough; including a site visit to gather the facts, interview witnesses and produce a report with recommendations.

We can assist in fact finding to help prevent enforcement action or in providing due diligence to help prevent civil claims.

When something goes wrong a thorough investigation can help identify the basic causes so that action can be taken to prevent a re-occurrence.

Workstation and DSE Assessments

Workstation assessments are aimed at employees who use computers or mobile devices to ensure that employers meet the requirements of the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations. These Regulations require that workstation assessments and users of DSE are assessed and the findings recorded.

Safe sure Solutions Ltd can support you by providing one of our trained and experienced Consultants to visit your premises and undertake a face-to-face assessment.

Health and Safety Training

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd can deliver a wide range of Health and Safety Training courses which can be tailored to your company’s specific needs. Typical Health & Safety training courses we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • CIEH Risk Assessment
  • CIEH Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • CIEH Principles of Manual Handling
  • CIEH Principles of COSHH Supervising Health and Safety
  • Fire Warden Training
  • Conflict Resolution / Personal Safety
Business Continuity

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd can help support you in the development of your plans to deal with any potential threat to your business, both operationally and financially.

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd has worked with both large and small businesses in the UK and internationally to ensure they are well practiced and resourced to deal with an incident that may impact their business.

First Aid Training

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd are the choice for companies throughout the UK, we have carried out First Aid Training for local authorities, small to medium businesses, major blue chip companies, other organisations and members of the public.

Our First Aid Training courses are tailored and suited to your needs to help you to make your colleagues feel safe in their workplace and outside of work.

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd provide a fully accredited first aid qualification including:

  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work refresher training
Landlords Safety Inspections

Safe Sure Solutions Ltd has worked with a number of property management companies and Landlords in providing cost effective solutions, ensuring they meet their legislative obligations.

We can help and support your company / property with:

  • Legionella risk assessments
  • Risk assessments
  • Fire safety inspection
  • Gas safety checks
  • Periodic Electrical testing
Environmental Aspects and Impacts

Safe sure Solutions Ltd will help you to understand how your organisation may affect the environment by assisting you to compile an Environmental Aspects and Impacts Register.

Environmental Risk Assessments

One of our competent consultants will identify the range of hazards associated with your activities and complete a risk assessment based on your current management arrangements.

Where appropriate, additional actions will be recommended to manage the risk to an acceptable level.

If required specific risk assessments can be undertaken for individual hazards or activities.

Environmental Policy and Procedures

Safe sure Solutions Ltd can assist you with the development or updating of your Environment Policy and all supporting procedures and documents.

These policies and procedures will be designed to reflect the nature of your organisation and its activities.

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